Tire Road Hazard Protection

Protect Your Investment

Added protection for your new tires and/or rims will ensure peace of mind from any unexpected damage.

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Protect Your Investment

Your new tires and rims can be damaged by pot-holes, rocks, glass, metal and other debris on the road while driving. With a Road Hazard Protection Plan you’ll be covered for any tire punctures, cuts, break or tears as well as any rim damage. For any damage that cannot be repaired by a specialist, you will be credited for your tire and/or rim replacement (Some terms and conditions may apply).

3 Years Protection Plan

Tire Only


If a tire covered by warranty goes flat for any reason listed above, it will be repaired or replaced with an equivalent new

Rim Only


If a rim covered by warranty is damaged that it will not seal, resulting in air loss, then that rim will be repaired. If the rim cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.

Tire & Rim


If a tire & rim covered by warranty is damaged resulting in a loss of air, both the tire and rim will be repaired if possible. Otherwise, both will be replaced.

Covered for no additional charge

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